Individual and competent consultation in tax and accounting matters

What differentiates my services from those of other tax advisors and public accountants?

I make it a point to advise each client as professionally and individually as possible, which applies both to companies and individuals. I keep up-to-date with the latest in the field by attending seminars for professional training. And in order to facilitate maximum availability to my clients, I consciously decided against large tax office policies and structures. This means my clients get professional tax advice without the long wait times.

Individual Consultation

Individual tax and accounting consultation is the cornerstone to my practice. This means I take cooperation between advisor and client to a personal level and am serious about their success in these matters.

Just give me a call

I am happy to answer any and all of your taxation and accounting questions and find a personalized solution that will address your concerns. Tax returns can be daunting, so I welcome each new client to an informal first and non-binding discussion about your situation with a nice hot tea or coffee.

Key benefits

  • Individual consultation
  • Direct communication with tax advisor
  • Speedy processing

My contact information
0 89 – 23 71 98 25
0160 – 90 23 28 24